12 Week Challenge
  • 3 x 45 minute Personal Training sessions per week for 12 weeks
  • Training & Nutrition Education and Information
  • 24/7 Trainer Contact & Support (We will be involved in all your nutrition and training throughout the course, we will see everything)
  • 2 x Training Programs (Splits) (Custom designed to your body for the self-directed portion of training)

12 week programme $1200.00
(Normal Cost $1620.00 for 3 x 45 Minute Training Sessions)
(to be paid in full in advance)

This intense SpartanPT course is for the strong willed only. It involves 24/7 dedication to both Training and Nutrition therefore those that are accepted need to give 100% effort at all times.
Spartan Trainers only train ONE 12 week challenge at a time so you must be able to show us you are motivated and dedicated. 5 training days a week are expected from candidates, with 3 sessions with your trainer and 2 self directed sessions. It will be highly challenging but with challenge comes reward as the body adapts and changes to match the Stimuli.

The goals reached over this challenge are chosen and set by both YOU and your TRAINER. Your goals may be Aesthetic based (visual) or Athletic based (performance) or both, either way when you have your first goal setting session you can essentially customise your body so think hard about your goals.

Your full time trainer will be guiding you step by step with both your nutrition and training, educating while working. You will be taught how to fuel your body efficiently and train your body effectively. This is a most personalized and involved you can possibly get with personal training, the pinnacle of one on one training. You will be in contact with you trainer everyday regarding nutrition and exercise, we will be overseeing every aspect that can affect your progress. This is an opportunity to be educated on training and nutrition from professionals. Learn the fundamental’s on how to live a healthier, more energized lifestyle so you can continue to improve yourself after the 12 weeks is over. No more stop and start dieting and training.

12 Week Challenges are chosen once every 3 months. If you believe this is the right challenge for you and would like to discuss further make sure you get in touch. Candidates are selected by Spartan PT’s owners and directors personally as our standards are highly maintained. If we believe you are the right candidate you will be scheduled to begin at the start of the next intake. Keep an eye out for when the next applications open and we look forward to meeting those who have what it takes.

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