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Case 1: Natalie James

(From Stuff) Natalie James has shocked herself and her family after almost halving her weight since 2015.

The mother of three started training at Spartan HQ in Pukekohe after her husband Stephen started boot camp but she also wanted to be a positive role model for Danica, 8, Mila, 6, and Finn, 4.

"I was in a rut being a mum," James said, "my husband started going to boot camp with Spartan and he suggested that I see a trainer.

"I put it off for a few weeks and then finally got the courage to do it. The hardest bit is getting yourself in the door."

From 110.6kg, to her current weight of 65.5kg.

Ashleigh Butcher

At 20 years old Ashleigh Butcher weighed 167 kilograms and was told by a surgeon she would have to have knee surgery before her next birthday.

Five and a half years later she has lost 80kg and has a new lease on life.

Her weight loss journey started simply with eating breakfast.

Training was not easy but Butcher was over the fad diets.

"It was really hard...if it wasn't for the trainers, I wouldn't have stuck to it," Butcher said.

"When you come in they greet you - they're always so friendly...that's the main thing that made me keep coming back here.

"Training through Spartan HQ has just been awesome and Jaleigh's just helped me through everything. Training has changed my health and made my life a lot better."

From 167kg, to her current weight of 87kg.